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English Discoveries Online (EDO) is a new generationinteractive English learning program available both online and offline. English Discoveries™ Online transports learners to a new dimension in language and communication. It is a unique solution to English learning and communication in the information age.

Exploring English On The Internet

EDO is the improved, second generation of Edusoft's highly successful English Discoveries TM courses, used by over 4 million learners all over the world. Its unique approach to English language learning provides the finest solution in learning for young adults and adults.
EDO provides 9 courses at 3 main levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each course has 8 topic-based units using 3 study modes – Explore, Practice and Test. These creative, topic-based online courses integrate the language skills: listening, reading and speaking as well as grammar and web literacy.

An Exciting And Integrated Way To Learn English

EDO is a highly flexible program designed to provide effective pedagogical support to enable learners to work independently. It enhances comprehension of aural input through a variety of video listening segments and gives exposure to different text types such as stories, advertisements, articles, etc. Learners will enjoy real-life dialogues set in everyday situations and the humorous, animated example illustrating grammatical structures. Learners are able to progress at their won pace and in an environment that suits their individual preferences, needs, learning styles and strategies.